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Access to Cisco Networking Academy Curriculum

Cisco Academy Curriculum accessed from this web site is only for students enrolled in LMC CIS courses. Curriculum is password protected.

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LMC’s Cisco Networking Academy course offerings:


LMC Course name:

Prerequisite or concurrently


Cisco Course*



Computer Networking Fundamentals

CIS 100 or 106 or 108 concurrently### 

Fall & Winter$ 

Disc 1



Cisco ICND 1 Review

CIS 140

Winter$ only

Disc 2



Switched & Routed Networks

CIS 226 (prereq) & 242 (concurrently)

Fall only

Disc 3



Cisco CCNA/ICND 2 Review

CIS 228

Winter$ only

Disc 4



Cisco Health IT

CIS 226

Winter$ only

Disc 3


# Must be proficient at using MS explorer, MS Word, Email, Web browser, good at PowerPoint and familiar with Excel.

* The LMC courses listed above include these Cisco Networking Academy courses as part of the LMC course.

* Disc = Cisco Academy CCNA Discovery series curriculum.

$ The semester that runs from January until May has been called Winter. Beginning January 2012 it will be called Spring.


During the academic year 2010 – 2011 LMC moved to include Cisco Networking Academy curriculum in several of the networking courses. To continue with the CIS courses beyond CIS 140 students will have to complete the appropriate Cisco Academy courses. If you took CIS 140 or CIS 226 prior to winter 2010 and want to continue to CIS 226 or CIS 228 contact Charlie Olszewski to develop a plan.


Cisco’s Workforce Retraining Initiative (WRI) in Michigan:


For additional information regarding LMC’s Cisco course offerings please contact:

Charlie Olszewski or on 927-8100 x5044

Charlie is the faculty in LMC’s Computer Information Systems (CIS) – Networking option program.

Charlie Olszewski is the “Main Contact” for the Cisco Academy at LMC.



Last updated: Jan. 6, 2011